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As a specialist imprint of the well-established Mercury Books publishing house, WordGo has access to editing, marketing and distribution functions, but since we believe that top-quality writing is the key to every good book we are always on the look-out for promising new authors with interesting propositions.

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Salmons & Sons and Aston Martin

Packed with facts and images

A high-octane account of the association between Newport Pagnell and the car industry, which goes back a long, long way.  Encyclopaedic description of all cars produced in Newport Pagnell, and chapters on Aston Martin links to royalty and celebrities. Supplement outlines exciting future developments, including a “sports car for the skies”.  Absolutely packed with fascinating illustrations, both historic and current, in colour and b/w.

Anne Green   www.AboutMiltonKeynes.co.uk    June 2

Salmons & Sons

An absorbing history and exploration

Fascinating learning about the Salmons family and their huge contribution to the industry.  Lived in the town but learned so much I never knew. Even if looking for the Aston Martin connection you’ll be just as impressed.
An absorbing history and exploration, detailed with some great images – recommended.

Jo-Sam, 5.0 out of 5 stars  Amazon Books.com   May 22

Salmons & Sons and Aston Martin

A very good insight

As someone who has a deep interest in Classic cars I found the depth of information and research amazing. Over the years I have known about the Aston Martin brand but never realised it came about in such a roundabout way. This book has been a very good insight into the part Newport Pagnell has played in automotive history and is a ‘must’ to read

Anon (genuine); April 12

Salmons & Sons

Required reading

Eminently and required reading for both fine car enthusiasts and anyone connected with the town.

Leo Murray, Amazon Books, April 3

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Bury Field by Sammy Jones

Bury Field book cover updating - Now with 5-year plans

New updated edition: Now with 5-year plans

A thousand years of history lies behind the rolling parkland of Newport Pagnell’s green ‘oasis’. From an ancient burial ground to Civil War defences, horse-race festivals, first-class cricket, an Observation Post in WWII and a railway train that never arrived.

ISBN: 9780954143299

Salmons & Sons and Aston Martin: Anniversary edition

Salmons and Sons & Aston Martin Book Cover with special supplement

New special anniversary edition NOW AVAILABLE

Special anniversary edition celebrating an English country town’s extraordinary 200-year contribution of design, manufacture and ingenuity to the British Transport Industry through everything from carts, carriages and coaches by the founding Salmons family to today’s luxury sports car phenomenon that is Aston Martin. Completely revised and updated with many new photos and illustrations,

plus news of the parent company’s Stock Market flotation, details of new ventures with Red Bull and Cranfield, and a re-making of the James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ car.

ISBN: 9781916036208

Bond in Bucks by Richard Meredith

Bond in Bucks book


Now it can be told… Ian Fleming, author of the mega-selling James Bond books spent much of his lifetime in Buckinghamshire… visiting the car-makers at Newport Pagnell, the Codebreakers at Bletchley Park, golfing with Jock Campbell of Milton Keynes and secretly training his commandos on a disused farm near Amersham.

ISBN: 9780954143282

Cromwell’s Garrison Town by Jack Reynolds

Cromwell's Garrison Town - With FREE Historical Map of Newport Pagnell


Comes with a map of historic Newport Pagnell FREE while stocks last.

Cromwell’s Garrison Town recalls the momentous Civil War of the 17th century, Newport Pagnell’s location was of great strategic importance on the Front Line between the opposing armies.

The controversial General always had an affinity for the place – fighting alongside its troops, sending his son to join the young conscripts, frequently visiting his friend the governor, and selecting it as the muster point for many in his army on the eve of the decisive Battle of Naseby.

ISBN: 9780954143251

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